I am completely stuck with Boron - SOLVED

Hi all.
I am accidentally bought Boron LTE(US) during preorder. I am in Russia.
It does not work with cloud, cellular - thats ok. Thats my fault.


  • can I use this hardware completely without internet connection? Example: as a gateway to my car thru bt.
  • can I use Particle Workbench(VS Code) to flash device and use it as driver for something? Example above. I am tried to flash, but the app seems does not starts.

Some logs.

> Executing task: make -f '/Users/Air/.particle/toolchains/buildscripts/1.6.1/Makefile' compile-all -s <

  /Users/Air/.particle/toolchains/deviceOS/1.3.0-rc.1/firmware-1.3.0-rc.1/modules/boron/system-part1/makefile /Users/Air/.particle/toolchains/deviceOS/1.3.0-rc.1/firmware-1.3.0-rc.1/modules/boron/user-part/makefile
   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
 667652    2236   67644  737532   b40fc ../../../build/target/system-part1/platform-13-m/system-part1.elf
Creating /Users/Air/Documents/Particle/ble/ble/target/module_user_memory.ld ...
Creating /Users/Air/Documents/Particle/ble/ble/target/module_user_memory.ld ...
   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
   5436     104     876    6416    1910 /Users/Air/Documents/Particle/ble/ble/target/ble.elf



Mikes-MacBook-Pro:target Air$ particle usb dfu
Mikes-MacBook-Pro:target Air$ particle flash --usb ble.bin

Flash success!
Mikes-MacBook-Pro:target Air$ 

If you don’t want the cellular part at all, you can do that - although your device cannot be claimed to your account without going online.

You’d just need to use SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) in all your projects to prevent the system from attempting to connect.
And as one-time setup you should run this code

#include "Particle.h"
#include "dct.h"


void setup() {
    const uint8_t val = 0x01;
    dct_write_app_data(&val, DCT_SETUP_DONE_OFFSET, 1);

    // This is just so you know the operation is complete
    pinMode(D7, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite(D7, HIGH);

Thanks for reply.

I am already everywhere using SystemMode Manual.
But nothing happens and green blinking(accounding https://docs.particle.io/tutorials/device-os/led/boron/#looking-for-internet)

Can you post the output of particle serial inspect (in Listening Mode)?

Mikes-MacBook-Pro:target Air$ particle usb start-listening


Mikes-MacBook-Pro:target Air$ particle serial inspect

Could not get inspect device: Serial timed out

My concern that the device is in some fault state.
How to reset to blank/factory state?

Solved using https://docs.particle.io/tutorials/device-os/led/boron/#factory-reset