Boron FW restore

Good news, 29 minutes after I posted this and 18 hours of frustration, I found a fix. I hope this reaches tinkerers who need this!

  1. Install Particle CLI

  2. download two bin files:

  1. Place the files in the directory you will be accessing the CLI from. For example C:\Users\yourname\

  2. Open your command line (start + cmd). From the command line type the following particle functions and wait for them to each successfully flash:

particle flash --usb tinker-serial1-debugging-0.8.0-rc.27-boron-mono.bin

particle flash --usb boron-system-part1@1.1.0.bin

  1. Factory reset your Boron (hold Mode + Reset, let go of reset, wait till white, let go of Mode)

  2. Setup your Boron with the Particle mobile app.