Boron 404X Not Connecting

I recently purchased a Boron 404X and cannot get it to connect to a cellular tower. This is a North America LTE device and I am in the central US. I have run the Device Doctor several times with no change/improvement. Using Web Cloud Debug the console output file shows that the AT+CEREG command is returning the values 2,3 which means the tower is rejecting my SIM card. My login console shows that the SIM is active and registered for this device.

The Particle documentation states that I should open a support ticket, but I cannot find a link anywhere to do so. Anyone know how this is done?

Hey @jnovotney - @jalbersr will reach out today.

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I have finally got my device to connect. To fix my issue, I needed to set the Advanced option Set keep-alive to 120 seconds in Device Doctor while flashing the device OS.

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