404X stuck blinking green

Finally received the new 404X LTE M1.
Using mobile app
Press + to add new device
Select Argon/Boron
Scan Data Matrix
Attached the antenna
Connected power
Device starts in blinking green
Pressed mode button to place in listening mode
Checked box that antenna is attached and device is blinking blue
Clicked NEXT
Device pairs with phone
Stuck blinking green and “Connecting to the internet via cellular”

What procedure do I follow next? Old school Boron happily breathing cyan right next to the new one that refuses to connect.

Thank you

I did a factory reset on the Boron and now was able to connect. Not sure why it needed that but that is the only way I was able to get any of them to connect.

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Mind DMing me the device ID? Glad a factory reset got it working but I want to see if there’s anything unusual going on in the logs.