404X stuck blinking green

Finally received the new 404X LTE M1.
Using mobile app
Press + to add new device
Select Argon/Boron
Scan Data Matrix
Attached the antenna
Connected power
Device starts in blinking green
Pressed mode button to place in listening mode
Checked box that antenna is attached and device is blinking blue
Clicked NEXT
Device pairs with phone
Stuck blinking green and “Connecting to the internet via cellular”

What procedure do I follow next? Old school Boron happily breathing cyan right next to the new one that refuses to connect.

Thank you

I did a factory reset on the Boron and now was able to connect. Not sure why it needed that but that is the only way I was able to get any of them to connect.

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Mind DMing me the device ID? Glad a factory reset got it working but I want to see if there’s anything unusual going on in the logs.

Has anyone had a smooth (dare I ask, perfect) 404X “out of the box” experience? Hoping the answer is yes!

I am 0 for 11. I have 10 more coming next week, I am hoping for the best but I have not heard from Particle if anything has changed to fix the issue.

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The main change right now is a strong caution to avoid using the mobile app for 404x setup. It is not a recommended tool for new devices and is a legacy app. Using the app often leads to 404x devices getting temporarily blocked by the carrier because of a rapid series of failed connection attempts. That can be fixed with a quick SIM reset but is frustrating.

Due to this ongoing problem Particle is working on a new setup experience . Primary development has concluded and it is currently in QA. I cannot give an exact date for its release because that depends on how QA goes, but you can expect this in the near future.


Yes, I’m somewhere around 30 for 30 in perfect out of the tray experience in commissioning a BRN404x in the last 2-3 weeks. I just did another 10 last night/yesterday. What’s been very nice is how quick it connects after the initial connect with loading firmware.

As @Colleen pointed out, it must be something with the legacy mobile app. I’ve always added the devices directly to https://console.particle.io/ directly to my product. I haven’t used the legacy app for years. Once it’s added to the product and I turn the device on the first time it connects within a few minutes each and every time.

I’d recommend just using the console to add a device to your account.

Early on, I would plug it into my laptop via USB and then use Particle USB List via the CLI. This would respond with the device ID, I’d copy paste that over to the console and add the device.

Hope that helps!


Thank you. I will try both approaches and post back with my results.

Quick update, the Particle iPhone App has been working perfectly so far for adding my new Boron 404X devices. It was nice to see that SIM enablement was much faster than in the past.


@Colleen Can you explain more about the sim reset procedure? I probably need to do it on a few devices.

@superseb if your device has tried and failed to connect to the network enough times it is likely temporarily blocked. If you DM me your device IDs I can reset them for you.

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