Boron 3G unresponsive after "Particle Update" from CLI

Just updated a Boron 3G to the 2.0.0.

Received message
! System firmware update successfully completed!

Your device should now restart automatically.

Device did not restart. Nothing from the main LED. Battery at 4.07V and plugged into USB. Charge light is on.

Reset button does nothing. Won't connect to serial.

Have tried disconnecting everything. Only on battery there is 100% no response. No LEDs are on. USB plugged in with no battery = fast flashing charge LED.
USB plugged in with battery = constant charge LED.
USB does not connect to computer.

Short push reset = no response.
Long push reset 5+ sec = no response.

Now what?

If you have the Particle debugger you should be able to restore the bootloader and DeviceOS.

Relevant threads:

Additionally, @rickkas7 can be a lifesaver in these situations.

I’d recommend opening a support ticket.


I’ve got a debugger but haven’t had an excuse to use it till now.

Now I have to figure out how.

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@ismaelSB - mind taking a look?

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