Argon will not reconnect after reset or flash to wifi, requires power cycle to reconnect

Hi, I am using argons with os 1.4.4 We also use them on an open unsecured guest network due to security limitations at our university. An argon once configured will connect to wifi on fresh powerup, but if you try to reset it with the button or reflash over the air, it will not reconnect without a power cycle. You must remove the usb power and it will connect as expected. Thoughts?
I believe I have been fighting this behavior for a while.

Are you saying that the argon is disconnecting from wifi but not reconnecting unless you power it down then power it back up?

What is your power set up? Is it possible that the ability to reconnect to wifi is requiring more power than you’re providing it so if you have a weak connection and it is disconnecting from the wifi it is finding it hard to connect again?

I’m a noob but just a thought? Because it should automatically reconnect to wifi if it disconnects with no need to reset or anything.

I’m having the same problem. Using the smart phone app, I can connect to the Cloud and the Argon is breathing green (I believe). I try to flash a new program and, when the flash is complete, the Argon is left in the Listening state (flashing blue). I have to go back to the smart phone and re-connect to the Wifi. When I do, the new flash is now running. If I attempt another flash, the same cycle seems to re-occur. After a successful flash (with a working App), the device drops the WiFi connection and will not log itself back in. It does seem to know the SSID, but I don’t know if it saves the password because that’s what I have to give tot he smart phone App every time.