Argon fast blink green next day, not connecting till restarted

I have an Argon connected to a WPA2 PSK network which is using DHCP. It connects and holds connection fine during the day, but when I come back in the morning the Argon is fast blinking green. If I press the reset button, it connects fine and is good till the next day.

The OS installed is 0.9.0 with SYSTEM_MODE (AUTOMATIC) and SYSTEM_THREAD (ENABLED).

Is there something we can put into the code to auto-reset if wifi isn’t connected? or some other way to best navigate this issue?

What code are you running on the Argon?

We are running the code we are developing for wheelchair data monitoring.
Is there anything specific within the code I should pay attention to?

I could test it by putting the tinker code on and seeing how it does overnight.

As a stop gap maybe you could check WiFi.ready() and/or Particle.connected().

Then either delay() and check again, or keep track of the time offline. If you’re offline too long call System.reset() (or maybe turn the wifi on and off (or disconnect and connect)).

Another option might be the watchdog:

ApplicationWatchdog wd(60000, System.reset);

You’d do the same checks but this time call wd.checkin() if you’re actually connected.

Thanks Ken. I was thinking of something similar. I try your ideas out and see what happens overnight.