Argon blinking green (no internet)

Good evening,

Cannot get Argon passed blinking green light, looking for internet. I’m trying to explicitly run it without internet.

#include "application.h"


void setup() 

void loop()
    Serial.println("Sure.  I'll get here.");

I thought that was the purpose of SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED); and SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL);

Antenna is on. Device OS is @2.0.0-rc.1. Flashing with Workbench. Device is listed as argon. Device has done a handshake, though 6 months ago.

Is there something else I’m missing, or can the Argon just not work without an internet connection?


It works with 1.5.2, so there is a bust in 2.0.0-rc.1 that somehow got through code review and testing… unless something else changed.