Argons not reconnecting to WiFi?

So I rebooted my WiFi router last night because my Xbox upstairs was having some issues which just happens sometimes, probably a firmware bug on the wireless bridge I use for it. I know the WiFi was working fine until that point.

Then I noticed when I came home today that My Argons and Xenons were all flashing green and that’s the only change that’s occurred since I installed 0.27 on all of these devices. I had to hit reset a couple of times on both of the Argons to get everything to reconnect.

Is there some issue in 0.27 where the Argons don’t reconnect to a router if the router reboots?

That was a issue I saw on RC25 firmware. You had to manually reset the Argon to get it to reconnect to the WiFi.

The same thing is happening to me and I can reliably reproduce just by rebooting my router. To rule out user code I flashed an empty program. It’ll just sit there flashing green until I manually reset the Argon. I haven’t seen any other connection issues, it’ll connect fine and stay connected for days but my automated weekly router restart causes me to have to go reset each Argon manually to reconnect. My photons reconnect fine and all the Xenons reconnect after its gateway Argon gets reset.

Same issue for me with 0.27. I left one blinking green at eod and was still green the next morning. A push of the reset btn brought it back online.

I’ve poked the (other) fine Elite and Particle folks to get the input on this.

I just rebooted m router again yesterday for a separate issue with a Pi and all of the particle devices again stayed blinking green until I reboot the Argons.

Does anyone on thi thread know if this an issue that Particle knows about? I have the same problem with all three of my Argons.

I had a power outage today and when power came back (and the router was on again), the photons all came back online after some time but the Argon kept flashing cyan until I got back home and reset it. First time I noticed this but it looks like this is another instability problem to add to the list.

It is a known (by Particle) annoyance and should be addressen in the next RC.