Argon losing wifi

On the device: 0.8.0-rc.27

I had a mesh network going and was able to use the publish/subscribe functions. Then I wanted to test if what would happen during a loss of internet connectivity. My Argon wouldn’t reconnect after wifi was restored. I reset it and it reconnected.

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The Argon was giving me several problems that I don’t want to get into, but I ended up coming back to it the next night and eventually decided to swap out and see if it was just the Argon.

I did several tests(on three argons) and finally decided:
The Argon can lose power and come back and connect to the cloud.
The Argon *cannot lose wifi signal and reconnect when it comes back, without someone resetting it. (almost makes me want set a timer so). rc.26 or rc.27

One test that I didn’t do to any of them is simulate the wifi and argon powering up at the same time. I feel like I need to do that now since that would be a likely scenario.

Maybe something like this would work until the problem is fixed:
if(wifiready()!=true && time-lasttime>settime) { //5 minutes so router can reset.
then reset();
lasttime = time;

Although my Argon is able to eventually reconnect after a WiFi loss what I noticed on mine was that while the WiFi was gone, the RGB LED kept blinking cyan rather than green which may well contribute to the inability to reconnect because it doesn’t even realise it has lost WiFi and only concentrates an the lost cloud connection.

What did your RGB LED do during the absence of a WiFi network.

I only tested with the Blink LED last night. they all fast flashed green after about 30-60 seconds of the wifi being down.

You made me think though. This morning I am working on the some cloud functions and decided to try again on two argons and two photons(everything I have going at the moment):

The argon with the cloud functions did what you mentioned. it started fast flashing cyan. for about 90 seconds. then went to green flashing. and finally after a reset connected and started breathing cyan.

The argon with no cloud functions started fast flashing green. Then after reset started breathing cyan.

my photons both started went to flashing green then connected after about 2 minutes of losing it, me powering it back up and them connecting again.

I have one photon pushing current and frequency amplitudes to google sheets and the sample time was 2:23 while the wifi went down. normally I sit around 7-8 seconds.

I want to use the Argon for that but I think I’m going to have to come up with a way around the wifi reconnecting.

I may try that reset() function.