Argon Cloud Connection Issues

Been through all the Argon/Cloud issues but none recent and none really answered so here goes.
Argon running 1.5.4. Firmware is ‘Tinker’. Connects to WiFi within a couple of seconds then flashes blue for a few seconds then one red pulse then more blue then a few yellow(orange??) then more blue then connects. I could live with this but Argon cloud connection is flaky is often drops out, could be two minutes or 12 hours and resets!!! losing current settings and data. Console reports all healthy.
Various Photons carry on regardless.
Please anybody - ANY ideas. Tried with and without SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED).

Hi @Circuitman! Sorry for the really long delay here. If this is still affecting you, it’s worth following the instructions here ( to grab and source Photon/Argon Cloud Debug logs that document this issue.

Thanks for getting back to me. Good to have the diagnostics for the future however I have ‘sort of’ overcome the problem. I reset everything on the Argon, keys, Wi-fi connections, mesh configuration, everything. Occasionally loses cloud but does not crash so maintains data. I also use FEATURE_RETAINED_MEMORY. However I have now moved to a Xenon on a Feather Ethernet as the mesh gateway which is much more stable so happy for now. Worth noting however that a Photon on the same Wi-fi router, in the same, room plods along day after day, week after week with never missing a beat.

Ps I am aware the Xenon is being depreciated but trying to stabilise everything before 2021.

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