Argon, particle-cli & WPA2 Enterprise (PEAP/MSCHAPv2)

Thank you!

+1 for WPA Enterprise support. I just bought 5 Argons with the intention of using them on our University wifi (Eduroam).

Can I suggest updating the support page ( to note that Argon does not support WPA2 Enterprise connections?


Photon with device OS 1.4.x and later definitely works with eduroam. It has taken since 0.7.0 to get this working - about 18 months.

I am not sure Particle has WPA Enterprise support in the development backlog for the Argon before 1.6.0. It is a different development than lift n shift from the Photon device OS because the network stack is different - due to mesh and ethernet support!

David, that is an excellent suggestion and I will file a doc change request to that end. Thanks!