Any bluetooth differences between boronLTE and boron3g?

Problem summary: Bluetooth code working fine on Boron3G but not on BoronLTE

I have some bluetooth code leveraged from ble-wifi-setup-manager that has allowed me to configure a device in cellular mode or BT mode based on an external button press. This is great for in-the-field solar where the normal mode would have the device connecting and sleeping quickly. Instead, the BT mode allows sensor debug to occur while the device stays awake and transmits larger amounts of data directly to a phone.

Anyway, the code works great on two boron3gs, 2 argons. It fails to connect on my only boron LTE.

Before I get too deep into the code, and what is happening, I thought I’d ask: Are the significant BT differences between the devices I should know about? I couldn’t see it documented, but I might have missed it somewhere.


There should be no difference. Bluetooth is implemented on the nRF52840 and should be completely independent of the cellular modem.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll work to narrow down the difference and post what I find. Will take some time…