Boron 404x as a bluetooth gateway for any Bluetooth 5 sensor

Is it possible to use the Boron404x as a Bluetooth gateway and develop firmware that will communicate with other Bluetooth 5 devices outside of the particle family? I would use the borons cellular to push data from those sensors to the cloud.

Hi, yes it is sometimes possible if the sensor cooperates with you and you have the information to parse its readings.

Here are a few interesting examples:


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Yes, with limitations. The Boron only supports Bluetooth LE 5. It cannot communicate with Bluetooth audio streaming devices (A2DP), like microphones and headphones, for example.

The Boron supports being both a BLE Central or a BLE Peripheral. However, there is a limit of 3 connection from the Boron central to other peripherals (typically sensors) at the same time. When in BLE peripheral mode, the Boron can only connect to a single central device.

Of course you’ll need to write the code to communicate with each type of BLE device, extract the data, and upload it by cellular from Particle device firmware. There’s no “bridge” functionality to automatically do that.

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