How to use Bluetooth on Particle Boron


I am doing a project where I need to connect to a phone via BLE on the Particle Boron. I am fairly new to this system and I haven't been able to find a tutorial on the internet. I already looked at the BLE API but I am lost in how I am supposed to make the Boron connect to a device. Could someone point me in the right direction? What code would I write to make the Boron connect and start transferring data?

Thank you!!

Are any of the examples in the Bluetooth Introduction what you are looking for?

You'll need an app of some sort on the phone to handle the other side of the BLE data connection; what you choose for that affects what firmware you'll need omn the Boron.

I don't know which app is the best or the most user friendly, could you make a recommendation?

I have not tried it with gen3 devices yet, but, this app works with the Photon 2 device I tested, SysVer: 5.5.0. As @rickkas7 mentioned the Bluetooth Introduction examples above, I used the example for "Health Thermometer" with the iPhone app nRF Toolbox mobile app from Nordic Semiconductor.

I was able to make the device (photon2) continuously advertise a sensor temperature. This app was able to scan/connect to the device and receive/display the data.


In my application, the Boron will need to receive data (a Boolean value) from the app. Could you show me an example that is similar to this?

Thank you for the reply,

I have successfully flashed my boron with the example code and got it connected to the device. On the app however, the boron shows up with no name and only some uuid: DD:E1:7E:85...

I have a few questions: Is this how it's supposed to be? And is there a way to send data from the mobile app to the boron? Also, I realized that it disconnects if I don't have a battery connected to the Boron, which the battery then looses charge very rapidly (like in the seconds range), is there a way to bypass this?