Selecting Coms Mode - Boron

How do you set up / code a Boron to automatically use Bluetooth when there is no cellular reception and then return to cellular when you are back in range ?


How do you manually select between Bluetooth and Cellular ?

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Not sure why you’d need to choose between the two.
These are independent interfaces that can be used concurrently and BT/BLE is not meant to be used as a fallback/replacement for Cellular with regards of the Particle cloud communication.
Particle cloud communication can only use Cellular on the Boron.

However, in the default AUTOMATIC system mode, your firmware will only be running after a cloud connection has been established unless you use SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED).
Alternatively you can opt for MANUAL or SEMI_AUTOMATIC mode.

Hi ScuffR,

The reason for wanting to choose between the two - is that this particular project is for controlling switches and monitoring mechanical processes in mobile situations mainly in remote areas away from Cell towers.

The intent was to control the board directly via bluetooth ie with a mobile phone - cellular would have bee required when in range of cell towers for the purpose of over the air updates.

Therefore cloud connectivity isn’t a primary requirement in this case - Perhaps the Boron may not have been my best choice ?

Should I be considering another board that can connect directly to a phone but still has over the air updates functionality onboard ?

In that case: You can activate/deactivate either interface independently and as I understand your use-case I’d suggest SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) with SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) and a BLE and/or hardware “switch” to activate Cellular and cloud connection when needed.

It’s not a question of choosing between them but independently deciding to have none, either or both interface active or not.

Thanks ScruffR,

That sounds great, I will give that a go and see if I can make some progress.

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