Android app problem


I just got my first Core, new.

When I try to connect it to cloud via android app, it goes through all the LED sequences to breathing cyan, so it seems it is connected to cloud. However, it doesnt provide feedback to Android phone which is all the time “searching for cores” and eventually end up with “no cores found”. So, I cant claim the core this way to my account. Tried with two different phones, three different networks. Networks and phone are standard, nothing special according to troubleshooting section.

I planned to use cores in our products, I am now a little bit afraid it will not work once it arrive to customer.



Two of my five cores had a similar problem. They appeared to get the credentials and connect, but my (iPhone) app never saw them. I don’t know why these two were different than the others, but oh well. I took these two cores to a PC and connected them via USB. After installing drivers and using putty I could use serial commands to get the ID of the core. Took that to the web IDE and claimed manually.

I still wonder why those two…

I hope this helps.

Hi Muskie,

thanks for reply,

I already got ID through putty, I also managed to get them connected to WiFi via putty. However, I couldnt get it claimed via web IDE. I am going to try it on iPhone now, will report…


You can try sending in WiFi credentials via serial and once the core turns breathing cyan, you will be able to claim it from the Web IDE :slight_smile:

So, I already claimed it from Web IDE, thanks!

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