All calls to exposed particle functions time out; no functions exposed!

My apologies; there was another issue, nothing to do with Particle

@ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

This is because the device connected status is false. The variables and functions will be null when the device is offline. If you refresh the console page, they will also disappear from the page.

If this is an Argon as the topic tag suggests then the default_build_target: 1.0.1 can’t be true.
What device are you actually using?
What application code is running on the device?
What does the RGB LED do while running?
What does particle list give you for that device?

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Thanks for trying to help all… turns out my code was inserting an incorrect deviceID, but displaying the correct one in my debugging. BAD progammer, BAD.

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