Unable to call Functions but device is Online and reporting data to Cloud

Device is Online and transferring data to the cloud but I can’t run any Functions. When I bring up the Console I see all the Functions but can’t enter any data or press the call button.

@dbru, that can happen if your code doesn’t allow loop to complete or do so often. Are you running with SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED)?

THis application has been running for about 2 years, no change to year source code for about 1 year . Although I haven’t tried to communicate with it for about the last 6 months.


So I just checked the Console interface and able to schedule all the functions now??? Very strange.

@dbru, that happens on occasion with me. I have to kill my (chrome) browser and/or log out and in of my Particle account for things to work properly. Good to know it’s working for you now!


Ah!!! The culprit is Safari on my iPad. For some reason the interface for the functions is messed up. I luckily tried to access my particle again on my Microsoft Slate Pro and had no problems accessing my functions!

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