Unable to call Functions but device is Online and reporting data to Cloud

Device is Online and transferring data to the cloud but I can’t run any Functions. When I bring up the Console I see all the Functions but can’t enter any data or press the call button.

@dbru, that can happen if your code doesn’t allow loop to complete or do so often. Are you running with SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED)?

THis application has been running for about 2 years, no change to year source code for about 1 year . Although I haven’t tried to communicate with it for about the last 6 months.


So I just checked the Console interface and able to schedule all the functions now??? Very strange.

@dbru, that happens on occasion with me. I have to kill my (chrome) browser and/or log out and in of my Particle account for things to work properly. Good to know it’s working for you now!

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Ah!!! The culprit is Safari on my iPad. For some reason the interface for the functions is messed up. I luckily tried to access my particle again on my Microsoft Slate Pro and had no problems accessing my functions!

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