2x Antennas on Boron BRN404X


I see there are 2 U.FL connectors opposing each other on the Boron BRN404X. We typically use only one but I would like to use two patch antennas on either side of our product. Is this second U.FL actually for a second antenna?


That would be for an NFC antenna (and should be marked as such :wink: )


Hey, Thanks for the response. This diagram is helpful. I'm actually referring to the U.FL that's next to the chip antenna. The diagram shows it as #3 and that it's for an external mesh antenna. It doesn't say really what sort of signal that is. It has BT silkscreened near it which makes me think bluetooth, but I don't want to assume.

Yes, 3 is the U.FL connector for Bluetooth. The diagram was created before the Boron had Bluetooth support, and I never noticed the label refers to mesh (which is no longer supported) instead of BLE (is supported).

There is a chip antenna for BLE on the Boron module and that's the default. You need to enable the external antenna connector in software for it to be used (BLE.selectAntenna).

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Ok, got it. Thanks!