Particle Boron LTE External Antenna Configuration?

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I recently installed an external LTE Antenna on my Boron, it’s installed on a vehicle.

It’s just a simple u.Fl to SMA LTE antenna. So far it’s been an improvement in the area of holding a connection ( no disconnects ) but to my surprise has not so great connection strength. ( -114 RSSI ) Even though it’s situated in a much better open area, not all boxed in and being shielded from getting a good connection.

It does say in the Boron docs that if you wish to attach an external antenna you need to issue some commands in firmware??

What can I do to improve the signal strength?




Can you share the link for the boron external antenna? I know this is true for the wifi products that have an internal antenna to select between the two, but my understanding of the cellular units is that the external antenna is required.


It’s a 3rd party antenna, something cheap off amazon.

SMA Antenna 4G LTE 12Dbi 700-2700MHz Cellular Antenna Magnet Mount 4g Antenna 12Dbi 4G LTE CPRS GSM 2.4G WCDMA 3G by EJOYS

Doesn’t look particularly bad, I’d think it’s a decent move up from the included antenna.


I have very good results with Wilson antennas on the Boron LTE.


There is no internal cellular antenna on Boron you have to connect external antenna to u.FL connector This is required if you wish to use the cellular connectivity. Photon for example have embedded WiFi antenna and you can specify which one you can use


Hi, I’m aware of this. That is why I actually changed the antenna from the included pcb style u.Fl antenna to a bigger antenna for better reception mounted on a vehicle.

The thing I’m noticing is the cellular connection strength is the same if not worse than the included antenna. Although I do see an improvement in the number of disconnect events ( much less ) I’m in a dense populated city, so it’s not that the connection here is weak or anything.

So I’m trying to figure out if there is some commands I can write in my firmware to improve the connection. It says in the docs of the Boron if you use an external
Antenna you need to set some specific commands in firmware??? But they don’t go over what exactly one would have to change/tweak


“It says in the docs of the Boron if you use an external
Antenna you need to set some specific commands in firmware???”

Where are you seeing this? The boron, and all cell modules don’t have selectable antennas so even if you put that code in, it wouldn’t do anything.


I guess this is related to mesh (BLE) antenna as Boron have internal BLE antenna and you can choose which one you preferred.
I can’t find nothing regarding cellular antenna in doc.