Boron antenna upgrade questions

Hello everyone,hope all is well! Im wondering if anyone has upgraded thier boron’s LTE antenna and if so could you please andwer if it was worth the upgrade,if it connects to LTE faster or has better signal strength then the standard flex i bought this antenna bingfu 4g LTE:

And these SMA adapters :

And unfortunatly it could NOT connect to the network with it,if you look at the specs of the antenna and the sma adapters everything seems like it should work,the male pin to female adapter and the mhz range is correct only missing a few mhz on the upper range,maybe the board cant power the antenna? I mean it is pretty big. Im new to all this so if anyone could link me the product that worked for them or a way for me to see my flaws in my set up you will have my hghest gratitude,thank you for visiting my post! :slight_smile:

That antenna and adapter should work. I’ve used that style of antenna before when the device was enclosed in a steel box. However, when the box was also in my basement, I found it wasn’t sufficient. I ended up using an LTE antenna with a long wire like this one and moving the antenna higher.

Also, remember that changing the antenna invalidates the FCC/IC/CE certification, so it’s technically not allowed. As an end-user it’s not usually a big deal, but it can be if you’re creating a product.


Thank you for your help rick!

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