Particle Boron Antenna


When I power up my Boron, it gets stuck on a rapidly blinking cyan (Connecting to the Cloud). Does that mean cell coverage is bad where I am located? I am situated in Canada, Alberta. I am using the flexible Taoglas antenna that came with the Boron. I know that the Toaglas is spec’ed for LTE bands from 698 – 3000MHz (

If I want to replace the flexible Taoglas antenna with a higher gain antenna, can I use any antenna rated for LTE communication? Such as this one from DigiKey?

For personal use, you can use a variety of cellular antennas. That one should be fine. (If you are manufacturing a product, there are certification issues that can occur with other antennas.)

The Boron comes with a u.FL connector. Most GSM antennas like that one require an SMA connector. A small adapter can be purchased:

At Adafruit, you can get this adapter . At SparkFun this adapter. At Amazon this adapter .

I use this antenna from Amazon which is about 4" long and has a magnetic mount to improve reception in fringe areas.

Thanks for your feedback!