Alternative cellular antenna for Boron LTE

Wanted to share a cellular antenna configuration that is delivering very good results and a lot of flexibility in terms of where the Boron can be placed:

All other things being equal, we have observed that signal and quality are consistently higher than the supplied antenna with this combination.


Surprising. The provided Taoglas antenna is actually very good. When you say “consistently higher” are you referring to rsrw? Or rssi? Or? And also, are you comparing the two antennas in the same position or is your improvement due to being able to mount the antenna higher? Finally, which band are you using 'cause these antennas have widely diverging gains across the spectrum.

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Hi. RSSI. Literally side-by-side testing. My firmware takes all defaults in terms of Cellular settings on the Boron LTE. running Device OS 0.9.0. Also, as a backgrounder, we place broadcasting temperature sensors inside commercial refrigeration. The wired antenna solves interference problems and is testing out really well. One more detail, we have our own APN and AT&T sims. There may be from stats in Jasper to shed light on the test results. I’m in learning mode so please feel free to ask more questions or suggest tests.