GSM bad signal quality foro Boron

i have two Boron located in the mountains the signal is only 46 db, both have an external Antenna. I would like to improve the signal can someone suggest me a better antenna? This is the installed model purchased on Amazon.
and this is last vitals.
Antenna Rodi

Thanks a lot

Hi Valentino,

For RF Compliance reasons - be careful what antenna you put on your devices.
Are you able to increase the height of your antenna at all?
Are you suffering performance issues?

Thanks for your answer at the moment is for me not possible we are lockdown at home.
Both Boron are locate in the mountain. I see the 46 % off cellular signal. Only one disconnect from about 1 month. What do you means if I connect a Booster? should be better?

@Tino52 I’m not sure where you are, but at my pilot site down in a canyon my devices see much lower signal than this, with an external antenna placed as high as possible. They are still reliably connecting, but with up to several restarts a day. In the worst location I have I placed a Yagi antenna pointed directly at the tower. Still low signal but works.

I would not stress about a single disconnect - if it were in the hundreds per day range, consider a Yagi as @picsil mentioned.
As long as your code is running and providing you with the data/control you need, you should be good.

Thanks to you and @no1089 is to search the best solution for the boron antenna.
All best Valentino