Boron with 15% cellular signal / Will it still control a Relay?

Hello there,
I have installed a Boron in a steel case and it looks like the material is affecting its antenna.
The cellular signal is currently at 15%.
The Boron is driving a relay every time the temperature (registered by a DH22 sensor) gors above 30 degrees.
At present I cannot see it on-line, will it still be running the code and checking temperature and driving the relay it is connected to?

Thank you!

In a metal box I would use an external antenna. For personal prototyping you can substitute the antenna, but for products there are some caveats, as mentioned in this page:

For metal boxes that you can drill a hole in, I prefer to use a U.FL to SMA adapter that’s long enough to reach the enclosure. The SMA generally is designed for panel/enclosure mounting. I’ve used a SMA dipole antenna in this application. Be careful with the antenna, some requires a RP-SMA connector so make sure you get the right antenna and adapter combination.

And dipole antennas are not covered by the Particle certification of the Boron, so that will be an issue if you are making a product.

As for the other question, if you are using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) your code will continue to run if there is no cellular connectivity. But if you are using the default automatic system mode without threading, your code will stop running when not cloud connected.

Thank you!
Argh… The box can’t be drilled, really.
And it’s also very difficult to open at the moment.
In such a scenario… Is there a way to boost the signal, as suggested in the Antenna Datasheet page, without having to open the box and extend the antenna?
Thanks a lot for the SYSTEM_THREAD (ENABLED) tip, I should have checked that…