Operating the Boron with no Cellular

Hi all,

I am wondering if there is a way to allow the boron to keep operating if cellular is lost. I am trying to simulate the cellular failing by removing the antenna during operation. My device seems to forget about running the code of sampling inputs and only wants to reconnect. Is there any way around this?



Don’t remove the antenna - the uFL connectors are not meant for many cycles of attaching/removing.

Yes i am running it already in semi automatic. i dont want to turn off cellular im simulating a lose of connection. I wont remove the antenna anymore thanks.

SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) is key is keeping your application thread running whilst the system thread is trying to re-establish a cloud connection. You have to be careful in your application to not call blocking activities and therefore to check Particle.connected() before Particle.publish(). If loss of connection is a regular feature of operation and you don’t want to lose important data then you will need to investigate and implement an event send buffer. There is a discussion topic if you search for it about a ‘recommended template’ for the application, a tutorial and send queue functions written by @rickkas7.

Another way to simulate loss of connection/out of signal range is to keep your antenna connected but put it inside a faraday cage - a grounded conductive container!

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