Antenna problem

Hi I have a boron but when I put it inside machine it losses cell signal

is there an extended antenna I can run outside machine and keep the boron inside machine?


Hi @cal39 -

As far as I know you can just about use any external cellular antenna and connect it to the connection terminal on the Boron. Just keep certification in mind when not using the standard antenna :slight_smile:


Thanks but we want to sell this product

Does that mean we need to get it certified?

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Hi @cal39 -

Are you based in US? Best check with someone from Particle on this. I guess it depends on how many units you plan to sell :shushing_face:

Here in SA if you sell couple of units, no one will know (or care) but if you start selling many units (or sell to government institutions) you need to have it certified.


Ok thanks!

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