Built-Mesh Antenna Repurposing

I’m curious now that Mesh has been deprecated, how will that affect the Argon and Boron as far as design goes in future manufacturing? They currently have a built-in mesh antenna that I am assuming will serve no purpose in the future. Will that remain or be removed? Can it be re-purposed into a built-in WiFi or Cellular antenna? For the Argon’s where you may have them in fairly close proximity to an access point I would think using that built-in antenna would be ideal and not need the external one.

That antenna is also used for BLE which is not phased out so that won’t go anywhere.

@ScruffR Thanks for clarifying that. If it could somehow also be used for WiFi that would be handy.

@TimGTech, having an internal cellular or wifi antenna would increase the cost of the Boron and most likely not fit in the same footprint. If you read topics in this forum regarding cellular antennas, folks are asking for antennas that can handle longer ranges, not shorter ranges as will most likely be the case with a built-in antenna. Also, they mount their antennas externally since often, the cases they chose are metallic.

@peekay123 Definitely for the Boron it would never work for cellular. But it is 100% doable for the Argon. I have many other similar boards with internal antennas and have very good range. It’s nice not to have to fidget with an external antenna if you don’t have to. But if you need some enclosure that will hinder your signal then you can connect up the external one.

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