Argon and Antenna(s)

Since the Argon is a multi 2.4ghz-radio device is there some internal switching to avoid concurrency issues with two radios transmitting/recieving at the same time? I know the proton, P0, P1 has pins to coordinate traffic with other radios but it appears this either does not work or is not supported. Is the situation different with the new mesh products?

If the new products do coordinate traffic is it possible to share an antenna for wifi and bluetooth for space constrained applications?

@superpanda, the Argon uses two different MCUs for the WiFi and the BLE/Mesh. The WiFi is done via an ESP32 and the BLE/Mesh via an nRF82540. Part of the reason that Particle chose an external antenna for the WiFi portion was because of noise issue with an onboard one. The short answer for your question is no, the WiFi and BLE antennas can’t be shared.


Thanks, but can I assume the 2 radios use some kind of coexist strategy like PTA or equiv?

@rickkas7, do you have any guidance to offer?