Particle Argon on Rocket M2 WiFi

Is anyone connecting their mesh networks to a Rocket M2 WiFi network? I need a big WiFi footprint and am ready to purchase Ubiquiti radio and antenna. Need some confidence that there won’t be issues.

Thanks, Charlie

Ubiquiti is amazing, I use them for all of my installs involving particle products, and even use them in my demos and highly recommend them to installing dealers. I haven’t used the particular setup you’re asking about but the ac pro, ac lite, and mesh products have never let me down. Only downside: no free phone tech support, but in 5 years I’ve only needed that once.

thanks @Mjones - I appreciate your input. This is a multi-site rollout and I want to get this piece right as, like all of us, I don’t want to fuss with this piece of the solution. The Argon is 2.4GHz only - Am I correct about that?

Yes, all particle wifi products are 2.4ghz only. But this is a good thing if you’re looking at a site this big. The 5ghz band won’t extend as far, nor propagate through obstructions as well.