Argon & Xenon Mesh Antenna enable commands

Folks, I’ve been reading through the documentation pages (which has a lot of great info for a noobie like myself.) looking for information on how to enable the external mesh antennas on my Argon and Xenons. Can anyone point me to instructions/directions?


I’m pretty sure the function to select the external mesh antenna is not yet implemented (as of 0.8.0-rc.25).

Thanks for the heads up.

Do you know if the wifi docs apply to mesh? (

I’m having some issues with signal strength through a single indoor wall, having some reading to see what its getting would be very helpful!


The WiFi.selectAntenna command only works on the Photon/P1.

You could technically call it on the Argon, but it wouldn’t do anything. You’d get a compile error on the Boron and Xenon, which don’t have the WiFi class.

The Mesh class is used instead of WiFi for dealing with the mesh networks. If you have a mesh device selected in the docs at the top of the left hand table of contents navigation instead of Photon, the Mesh item will appear.

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