2 Argon boards on same mesh network?


Can I put 2 Argon boards on the same mesh network? The idea being that if one Argon goes down, the all the meshages will be sent through the other Argon.

Right now, via Setup on an Android phone, setting up the second Argon does not scan for existing mesh networks to join, and 2 mesh networks end up appearing in my console.


Hey James,

This is a feature that is planned for mesh (multiple gateways). Once implemented, our goal is to allow you to have multiple gateways (e.g. a Xenon featherwing, an Argon, and a Boron all on the same network)

At this time, the feature is planned, but not fully implemented. We are seeking to address reliability before implementing new functionality.

So keep an eye out, this is certainly on our radar, it is simply not ready yet


That’s great to hear that it’s planned. A mesh network with a single point of failure is not a good thing.