Multiple Gateways for Mesh Network

I have 2 Boron Devices and 5+ Xeons I would like to add the second boron as a second gateway on a network, I am not seeing a way to do this can one add more than 1 gateway to a network? Also, can one add an Argon and Boron to a network and have them use wifi then LTE if there is no wifi connection on the Argon?

Yes you can have multiple gatway devices of any kind, but then you fall into the "high availability network" price tier.

But for the start this note needs to be considered

Special pricing has been "added" for pre-order customers (see comments below and follow links)

Does HA price tier also apply to preorder customers? Because based on Will’s response in Device Cloud Pricing For Particle Mesh Now Available (“You can configure your first 10 gateways in any combination that you want”) it seems that HA pricing shouldn’t apply for the first 100 devices.

From the discussions I believe Particle will be giving preorder customers the ability to have a single micro Mesh (10 devices) with HA free of charge. You could then also have 9 other micro networks with a single gateway.

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That’s how I understand it also.

Hm… What about larger meshes (more than 10 devices total but only 1…10 gateways)? The words “any combination” suggest that it should be also allowed.

They have to get the current Mesh stable before they can allow bigger networks setup options.

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Yes – larger mesh networks of more than ten devices should be possible already today. In our internal testing we have constructed networks of 100+ devices although with very little optimization of the mesh networking stack there were impacts on latency and reliability.

Our focus is presently on fixing some early setup and reliability issues that affect mesh networks both large and small, and we will revisit performance optimizations of large networks once the current onboarding experience is a little more polished.

Hi All,

Can I get some clarity on where we are here? I want to setup 45 Xenon nodes, firstly can I do this with one Argon, both in terms of pricing and technically? I don't mind if I need to pay...! Is this still the case:

So I would need a "Large Site Network" as it's > 30, but do these exist yet?

Ideally I would like to have multiple Argons in the same mesh for efficiency and redundancy, but do I understand that we cannot yet have multiple gateways (Argons), as stated at:

The discussion above sounds like you can have multiple gateways but it requires a higher price tier, this is also my interpretation of the pricing page.


This is possible technically? But is there a pricing tier that will enable me to try? Thanks!

Currently there is no limit placed on the amount of Xenons you can add to a Mesh Network with no price increase. I haven’t heard of anybody on here running 45 Xenons though so not sure how well that would work out when it comes to reliability of messaging or OTA updating.

See my comments here: