Can the Boron and Argon be on the same mesh network?

I dont see an option during setup since the Boron setup asks to create a new mesh network instead of joining one that I already created on the Argon. Does anyone know if this is possible?

That would create an HA network which isn’t supported at the moment. Only micro networks containinh a single gateway are supported.

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This is an intended feature to be implemented in the future, but is not currently available under current revisions.

So the simple answer is yes, they can be, but not yet.


As a followup to the original question, Can two Argons be on the same network? I’m not seeing an opportunity to join an existing Mesh network when I set up a subsequent Argon. (Is the single gateway limitation applicable for same-type devices?)

Yes, an Argon or Boron is also known as a Gateway and at this point in time, a network can only have one Gateway.