Argon and Boron Gateway Capabilities

I understand that we can use an Argon as either a mesh gateway device, or as an edge device. (in which case the Argon would be connected to the cloud, but not to a mesh network.) My question is whether or not it is possible to use the Argon as a mesh gateway while retaining its edge node capability. IE, can I write code that runs on the Argon just like it would on a Xenon or a Boron, while still using that Argon to provide a gateway for a mesh network ?

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Not sure what the case is in this sentence in parentheses.
Any device can be used standalone, but when they take any role in the mesh, they are part of the mesh.

I think there is a misconception.
When a device is acting as gateway or repeater/router it stopps being an edge node (obviously) but that doesn’t mean that it loses any of its mesh capabilities.
Edge node only means that the respective device does not take part in the message routing but it doesn’t gain extra capabilities the other devices wouldn’t have.
The only thing non-edge devices shouldn’t do is to go to sleep or cut the mesh connection as this would impact the mesh routes.