New Molex LTE/GPS Combo Flexible Antenna

I have been working on a boron tracking application for a while now however getting decent GPS reception in a small package has been difficult. Could this antenna be the greatest thing yet?! About the same size as the current boron antenna with an extra U.fl for GNSS chip.

I have a few on order for testing but digikey is out of stock for the moment.

Comes in 3 cable lengths.

Will report back when i get them.


Very cool indeed!

Looking forward to your testing results but I’m assuming it should work just fine.

Finally got my antennas off backorder. Did some testing today with a regular LTE boron.
So here in Rural Canada, using Rogers Wireless LTE and 60 seconds of averaging.

With the included Taoglas FXUB63
RSSI: 62.379
StrengthValue: -80.491
QualityValue: -9.175

With the Molex 213353XXX.
RSSI: 59.572
StrengthValue: -83.214
QualityValue: -11.262

GNSS reception was also very good. I was able to get a 3D fix within about 40s using a Ublox Neo-M8

For anyone wanting GNSS and LTE in one nice antenna, this is it!

Testing CODE:

#include "RunningAverage.h"


RunningAverage strength(60);
RunningAverage strengthValue(60);
RunningAverage QualityValue(60);

void setup() {

void loop() {
  CellularSignal sig = Cellular.RSSI();

  Serial.print("Live:           ");Serial.println(millis()/1000);
  Serial.print("RSSI:           ");Serial.println(strength.getAverage(),3);
  Serial.print("StrengthValue: ");Serial.println(strengthValue.getAverage(),3);
  Serial.print("QualityValue:  ");Serial.println(QualityValue.getAverage(),3);


I was waiting to hear back from you on the testing of this combo antenna :thinking:

I’m happy to hear it tested out in good way.

@will Just wanted to bring this to your attention since it may be a alternative antenna option that you could add to the online store as a upsell option.

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