BLE/Mesh antenna needed for BRN404X?

Hi, the documentation here says:

The B Series SoM (system-on-a-module) requires the external BLE/Mesh antenna connected to the BT connector. The SoMs do not have built-in antennas.

Does this mean that the Boron BRN404X has its own antenna, unlike the SoM?

And for when we need the antenna for the SoM, where do I get one? I don’t seem to be able to find one in the Particle store.


All Borons (including the BRN404X) have a built-in chip antenna, and a U.FL connector for an optional external BLE antenna.

If you want to use an external antenna, see the Antenna Guide. It’s the ANT-FLXV2.

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Copy, thank you!

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