Xenons blinking cyan - trouble connecting to cloud?

Hi folks,

I set up a mesh network using a Boron and two Xenons. Boron goes through usual boot process, connects, and starts breathing cyan. The Xenons are joined and sending data to the Boron, but blink cyan rather than breathing, which I believe means they are having issues connecting to the cloud via the gateway. Flashing to them is also problematic, often timing out. Sometimes it says the flash was successful, but it wasn’t as the LED’s don’t go magenta.

I’m going to hook up directly and use the CLI, but wanted to ask what folks think may be the issue. I don’t have great service here, but the Boron is able to connect and be flashed, so IDK…

Does putting the Xenons into Safe Mode let the devices breathe magenta?
Does flashing get any more reliable in Safe Mode?

Flash request times out in Safe Mode (blinking blue). Im on 8.0 rc 27. Gateway connected and breathing cyan.

Last handshake showed 334ms round trip time to the Xenon, and no disconnect events.

In addition blinking cyan it flashes a few “looking for internet” pulses every 10 seconds or so, but not always, before going back to blinking cyan.

Flashed the firmware via dfu-util and CLI and powered up the Boron again. The Xenon started breathing cyan, but then reverted to flashing (so did the Boron for a bit). Wondering if I just have a marginal cell connection, and when the Boron first boots it goes into a high power state allowing everything to sync.

Is your Boron using a Particle SIM or 3rd Party. If 3rd party, perhaps the keep alive setting is too long?!? That may explain short bursts of “looking for internet”.

It’s using the built in one.