Xenon store availability

I notice that the Xenon is out of stock. It might just be sampling bias, but I seem to recall that the few times I’ve looked over the past months it has been sold out.

Does anyone know what the ETA is for new stock?

You might want to check around at places like digikey, adafruit, SEEED and mouser – they might have stock.

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Oh, man, Particle's being carried by Digikey, that's awesome. Kudos to them for making such a great product!

Digikey's currently out of stock as well, but SEEED and Adafruit have an odd dozen between the two. If anyone needs a really big order, Digikey estimates it'll get 196 stock back by Feb 4th, and then another 250 by late February.

As a further option they also have an official presence at Amazon.
And you can get a Xenon with same day delivery as well.

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Sparkfun also has them: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/15070