10 Xenons for Sale

Hey, guys, I have 10 Xenons that I no longer need that are up for sale if anybody needs a source for 10 Xenons.

$15 each. Ship anywhere in the USA.

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Bit pricey considering you can buy new for $11 https://store.particle.io/products/xenon


I thought they are out of stock at the Particle store :confused:

@RWB, are these bare Xenons or Xenon Kits?

Who knows @ScruffR :woman_shrugging: I just added 10 to a cart, so doesnt seem it.

I thought they were sold out also :thinking: and that’s why I decided to throw them on here.

I’ll sell them for $10 each.

I just have the Xenon boards, no accessories come with them, I mainly used them for reliability testing when they were first released, but not much beyond that use case.

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