Need a Xenon or Argon - Now

Hello Friends,
I seriously missed the boat by procrastinating and not ordering 1 each of the new boards. At these prices, What was I thinking?!

At any rate, I have come up with a really exciting idea utilizing the Xenon via BLE, and I don’t want to wait until July to get one. (I have already ordered one of each on the store)

Does anyone have an extra Xenon or Argon that they would be willing to part with at a mark up? If so, please shoot me a message including how much you want. If I make a deal with someone I will post here and close the topic.

I can mail a check or make a paypal or venmo transfer or something like that. No, I won’t send you an international money order. :slight_smile:

Additionally, I am a grown man, and I know and accept the risk I take doing business in this manner. For my business idea, to me, it’s worth it. My mom won’t be calling particle griping about it if I get ripped off.

As a final note, I haven’t seen anything suggesting that solicitations such as this aren’t allowed, but I can see people possibly getting upset about this. If that is the case, please accept my apologies.

Thanks for your help,

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. Seeing as they won’t be released until around July, there won’t be anyone for you to buy them from. Best you can do at this point is get an order in ASAP, so you get to play with them as soon as they’re available.


I already got my order in, but I thought that was round 2? Oh well. I feel like an idiot now!
See you all back here in July!