Xenon - PC commuication using BLE or Mesh

I have a Xenon whose sole UART is connected to a sensor. I wish to communicate the data to a PC, wirelessly, and without using WiFi.

What are the possible ways? I prefer not to use UART expanders or additional hardware. Can the Xenon “broadcast” this data and then have it read it by a PC?

I have done this by using “BLE Notify” on an ESP32 board but not sure how this can be done with a Xenon …

Thanks in advance for any input.

No. Not right now. You will have to wait for the device OS firmware to get improved upon over the next year.

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You could attach another Xenon to your PC by UART. Then your sensor-attached Xenon would transmit to your PC-attached Xenon by way of mesh.

That is true but this requires first an Argon or Boron to create a mesh? Or may be use an Ethernet Feather with the first Xenon?

I was hoping to do this without additional hardware otherwise a UART expander will do the job as it is OK in my case to switch ports to communicate …

Xenons have two UARTs Serial1 & Serial2 and USB Serial

Reading the docs first might help


THANK YOU @ScruffR for this information. Very glad to hear I do not need to wait for the ParticleSoft library or use additional stuff.

I read the information for the Boron and Argon but not the Xenon, so did not see it!

Yup, that’s because the Xenon doesn’t need to communicate with an external radio module.

Using Serial2 on Xenon is currently giving a compile error.

I posted this on the forum and @peekay123 has confirmed it.