Help with 2particle XENON

HELLO, I am a student in Mexico, and I have a problem, my teacher gave us 2 XENON particles, she asks us to connect the two so that they can communicate with each other, which we do not know how to do, we read that the mesh is no longer available for them, we have the particle workbench and the CLI but we don't know what to do since the point is that they connect without being on the same computer.

Adding the teacher wants the xenon to connect to the internet, and we know that they do not have an internet module. His idea is that by connecting to the Internet they can send messages and communicate with each other. A small idea that we have is to connect an argon that can use wifi and xenon to a mesh but we already tried it and it shows us errors when trying to use the mesh in the xenon it tells us errors in libraries. Please help, there is not so much documentation on this anymore.

We also tried to use BLE one as a central one as a perimeter but the xenons are not connected anyway.

As a last idea, do you think that it works better to use two Argon than if they have Wi-Fi to communicate with each other and can send messages.
Have a nice afternoon and I hope you answer me please.


Sounds like your teacher wants you to use Xenons in a way that they can't really be used anymore. I think your idea to use Argons is a good one and can send you some for free if you DM me your shipping information and your teacher's contact info.



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