Argon and Xenon network without internet access

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Hi folks,
I am building a little bit of garden and chicken coop automation so that things will get watered, and doors opened, etc.
To do this I have an Argon and 2 Xenons. It has been fun getting the mesh network running and having the Xenons send data through the Argon, to the MYSQL database running on my Raspberry pi.
The Xenons are connected to the Argon via Mesh, and the Argon to the WiFi, and the Pi to a cabled connection going to the WiFi router.
I plan on having the PI do the thinking, then the Argons and Xenons do the networking wirelessly, sending data back to the Pi, and turning things on and off.
The issue is that I will have all of this hardware out there, but no internet access.
I understand that there are ways to make the devices work without the cloud, System.Mode(Manual) and System.Thread(Enabled).
I just want to make sure that I can turn off the cloud access when I deploy the system and still have everything work as normal.
I am not trying to avoid the cloud altogether, which is what I have found elsewhere on the forum. I am just trying to make sure that it will function as expected later without access to the cloud or the internet.
I am not using Particle. anything, using only Mesh.Publish and Mesh.Subscribe. So there shouldn’t be any issues there.

Any guidance from anyone?



Yeah, I am replying to my own post. I might have found an answer on the forum with this post.

This is for the spark, but it seems like there is a lot of commonality between the particle products.