Sending UDP between Xenon mesh devices without broadcasting

I’d like to know whether it’s possible for Xenon’s to communicate with each other in the mesh without resorting to UDP broadcast - i.e. If I transmit directly to the IPV6 address of another Xenon, from a Xenon, will this work? I’m asking because that’s currently what I’m trying to do and it doesn’t seem to work, and I’ve only seen examples of UDP broadcasting, which does work for me.

Hey @pierrep, thanks for the question! Your best bet for direct communication between two devices like this is to use BLE. Take a look here:

To add to Brandon’s BLE suggestion, try to use the BLE_Group library. It makes it very easy to use BLE in the place of Mesh.publish and Mesh.subscribe - topic here Library for creating a local group of devices using BLE

I have a bit of a weird use case here. I still want to use them in a mesh (yes I’m aware of the deprecation), but I’d like to experiment with point to point communication to reduce bandwidth. I’d happily look at Bluetooth if it was possible to create ad-hoc point to point communications on the fly, while still in a mesh network…anyone know if that might be possible?

Also, to make things clear, I’m looking to have a mesh of around 10-40 devices…and it seems the Bluetooth scenario only does 3-4 devices…

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