Xenon standalone in BLE is it possible?

I want to use my Xenon as a normal BLE peripheral and connect it to a central or a phone. Can I do this?
Or should it be only on a mesh configuration?

I am able to compile my firmware and connect my Xenon to the VS Workbench and flash it.


@jmjobin, BLE capability is still under development but is considered a high priority for Particle:


Thanks for the rapid answer.
I was somewhat confused…
On the video to install the Xenon it is said:
“You will be asked if you want to join a mesh network, click yes”…
Well I wanted to say no…
But no click for yes or no and only ok to go for mesh…

Waiting for the BLE and hope it will be only a firmware update.

As @peekay123 mentioned, BLE is currently under development and is a popular feature request for our Gen 3 hardware.

We’ll make sure to share that news wide and loud when it’s available! Thanks for the feedback.

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@peekay123, thank you for the feedback, no problem I just ordered my Argon and will investigate on Thread mesh as well.
Waiting for your news.

any update here?

It’s currently undergoing Alpha testing.

Any progress on it?

We’re really close, I promise! Continued alpha testing is ongoing.

I’d keep an eye out for some more news in the coming week or two.

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Thanks, Matt, will do

It’s been announced!