Xenon HTTP request failing


I have a mesh network setup with an Argon and Xenon. Both devices are online with the Particle cloud, and local WIFI and I can use the Particle mobile app to signal and ping both devices without issue.

My firmware app takes an input from a button and makes a call to the Philips Hue hub using the HTTPClient library. Both devices have the same firmware flashed to it, and the same input peripherals.

When I make the request from the Argon, the connectivity with the hub works as expected, however when I make the request from the Xenon, I get a connection failed message (Line 83 of HttpClient.cpp).

With everything I’ve read regarding how Mesh networking works between gateways and nodes, I expected the Xenon to work as expected with the same firmware as the Argon, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Any ideas why the Xenon would be failing the HTTP request?



@NJD mesh communications use UDP and not TCP so the Xenon cannot use the HTTP library. The Argon, however, can since it is a gateway.

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@peekay123 thank you.

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