Xenon and httpclient lib

Very happy of my mesh network. Still trying to understand the potential.
My Argon works as my Photon’s.
To avoid a connection and transfert my data thru the Particle cloud I am using the lib httpclient.
Seems that it does not work with Xenon. Webhooks would probably be the only solution?
Maybe someone could give me some suggestion here?
Thank you for any help.

HTTP cannot be used from a Xenon because the underlying transport, TCP (TCPClient and TCPServer), is not supported on the Xenon. That’s because Thread mesh does not support the TCP protocol at this time.

One option is to use Mesh.publish to send the data to your gateway and have your gateway make the HTTP connection.

Another is to use a UDP-based protocol. HTTP/3 (QUIC) would be ideal, but as far as I know no one has written a library for it. Also most HTTP servers don’t yet support it. With UDP-based protocols you can communicate with hosts on the Internet from the Xenon without requiring any special code on the gateway.

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Great help. Thank you. Make sense. Since I understood the TCP was passing thru I thought this could work. But still learning.
Making the gateway handle the propagation sounds perfect for me. I just need to figure out how to handle this on both gateway and end-device. The connection between the gateway and the end-device is not very clear on the code level. I will read your documents.
Thank you for your rapid answer.