Xenon Gateway fast green flicker?

I’ve been running my Spectra Xenon’s on the bench to observe the general connectivity of the mesh gateway and endpoint modules.

In the last several days, there’s been 3 distinct occasions now where my gateway Xenon gets into a “fast green LED flicker state”, and it’s “un-pingable” (so is the mesh’d endpoint, understandibly). The console indicates they’re both online, but they’re unreachable. The endpoint Xenon (running the PartiBadge build) continues to run and breathe cyan. The Gateway is the stock Tinker build with the .rc-15 firmware.

A reboot brings everything back online… can any of the mesh experts enlighten me on this LED status?

I believe the fast green blinking means the Xenon is unable to connect via Ethernet.

The cloud-connected state for mesh devices is not correct in the console at this time. They’re remain breathing cyan in the console well after they’re no longer connected.